1. You will find the general editor in various places throughout the website. Here are the buttons and functions associated with each of those:
  2. Standard Bold, Italic, Underline buttons along with Alignment buttons.
  3. Bullet and Number Lists. Once a list is inserted you can right click on one of the bullets/numbers to change the style of bullet/numbers.
  4. Indent buttons. Use these to bump a bullet in to become a sub-bullet if needed.
  5. Undo/Re-Do
  6. Hyperlink Button. Use to link to another page on-site, an off-site link, or to link text to a PDF for download.
  7. Insert Image. See Insert Image Topic for detailed instructions.
  8. Super-script and Sub-Script.
  9. Quotes button. This indents both the left and right margins of your text for the paragraph selected.
  10. Reveals the HTML code for this page. Use for embedding things like Google Maps or YouTube videos on the page.
  11. Insert Horizontal Line. Drops a horizontal line the full width of the page.
  12. Paste as Plain Text. Allows a user to paste text into a window that strips all foreign formatting before placing the content in the editor.
  13. Format Eraser. This erases all formatting for the text selected.
  14. Special Characters Chart. Find things like registered trademark symbols and copyright here.
  15. Format Menu. Contains pre-designed Heading options recommended by designer.
  16. Insert Table. Allows user to edit/create a table for spacing or display purposes. See Creating A New Table for more detailed instructions.
  17. Spellcheck.