Using the image button to place an image on a page

Step 1 | Image Button

  1. Place your Cursor where you would like the image to line up.
  2. Click on the Insert Image button.

Step 2 | Browse Server

This will bring up the Image Properties window, where you will click on Browse Server.

Note: If you do not see this button, please contact EDsuite. We highly recommend editing in the latest versions of either the Firefox or Chrome browser. Internet Explorer can tend to be difficult when it comes to working on the site.

Step 3 | CKFinder

The Browse Server button will open the CKFinder. This is the server where all of your images found on the site are located. Your options at this point are:

  1. Choose an image already uploaded by double clicking on the thumbnail
  2. Click the Upload button and choose Add Files to browse your computer for a new image to upload. If you upload a new image, that image will load and drop as a thumbnail on the list. You will then double click on the thumbnail to choose this file.

Step 4 | Make Final Changes

After the image is chosen, you will be sent back to the Image Properties window. Your options here are as follows:

  1. Resize the image as desired. Note: Cropping is not an option and must be done before uploading to the site.
  2. Choose to wrap the text on the page around the image. Select right or left depending on which side of the page you want the image to be on.
  3. If text wrapping, add some space around the picture to keep the text from being against the image. A number between 5-10 is usually best.
  4. Click OK to place picture.

Step 5 | Final Placement

Make any final placement fine tuning by clicking, holding, and dragging the image up or down the page to align with a specific text line as desired.