Using the Insert Link button to create a PDF download link.

Step 1 |   Insert Link button

  1. Highlight the text you want to link.
  2. Click on the Insert Link button.

Step 2 | Browse the server

Click the browse server button.

Note: If you do not see this button, add the site to compatibility mode if you are in Internet Explorer. If you have already done this, or are using Chrome or Firefox, please contact EDsuite.

Step 3 |  Accessing the CKFinder

After clicking on the browse server button you will see the CKfinder come up.

  1. Be sure you are on the Files folder
  2. Click Upload to access your computer's hard drive
  3. Or double click on a file to choose one that was previously uploaded

Step 4 |  Uploading the file

Once upload is clicked, the file upload view of your computer should open.

  1. If not, open it manually with the Add Files button.
  2. Choose a file from your computer. PDF, Word, and Excel file types are accepted.
  3. Click Open to upload the file(s). (multiple files may be uploaded at once)

Step 5 | Finalize file choice

Upload will complete and the file will be highlighted blue on your CKfinder. Double click on the file to choose it. Only one file may be chosen per link.

Step 6 | Finalize the link

After choosing the file, you will return to the Link dialogue box. Click on Target. From the dropdown that shows, choose New Window to have the link open in a new browser tab. Then click OK at the bottom of the window and the link will be added to the highlighted text.