Posting your agendas is made fast and easy with the EDagendas tool.

Posting A New Agenda

Step 1 | Add an Agenda

Click on the Add Content button on the gray toolbar and choose Agendas.

Step 2 | Add Your Content

Fill out your Title, if you have additional information, upload the agenda file.

Step 3 | Set Your Date & Save

Your agenda will automatically save with todays date on posting. To change that date, go to the authoring information tab and follow the formatting instructions, then save.

Amending an Agenda, Adding Minutes or Video Links

Once an agenda is posted originally, you will need to edit that agenda if you want to do things like add an amended version, add minutes, link meeting video, or mark it as cancelled.

Step 1 | Find Content Menu

Click on Find Content, apply a filter to show only Agendas, edit the one you want to work with.

Step 2 | Add files

Add any new files or make any changes you need to. If the meeting is canceled, just checkbox the meeting cancelled option and save.