Many times after programming changes or fixes on your site, EDsuite will ask you to clear you cache on your browser. Follow the below steps to accomplish this on whichever browser you are using.

Remember, EDsuite recommends ALWAYS using either Firefox or Chrome when editing on your site.

Steps for both a PC and Mac Computer

The steps and screen looks for these browsers are the same on both a PC and Mac computer. Scroll down to find the browser you are using and the steps to clear your cache on that browser.

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Step 1 | Access Preferences Menu

On the far right of the browser you will find the menu button. Choose Preferences from the dropdown.

Step 2 | Clear Cookies & Data

Choose the clear recent History Option.

Step 3 | Refresh

To complete the process, do a hard refresh on your browser:

    Key Command on a PC:       CTRL+Shift+R.
    Key Command on a Mac:     COMMAND+Shift+R.